About Us

Siblings Clare and Gates couldn’t find a chocolate chip cookie that was knock-your-socks-off, sell-your-soul-for-a-crumb delicious. So Clare pitched her brother on a tasty business–premium cookies, baked fresh with the highest quality ingredients. With butter flying and the confidence of the ignorant, they set about crafting PERFECT cookies.

Six months and several ruined kitchens later… success!

They’re enormously grateful to the friends and fam who encourage them, especially their mother, who called her wildest child “Clarabell.” When they’re not gleefully sending beach pics to New England friends (muahaha), Clare and Gates are baking at crazy hours, so you can live your best (cookie) life.

A big believer in humor and gratitude, Clarabell Cookies is thrilled to create and celebrate fellow cookie monsters. 

Leave no crumb behind,
Clare and Gates
  • four children standing in a row in various costumes

    The crew, circa 1995.

  • smiling child holding a cookie

    Friends & family generously helped with taste tests. Popularity increased.

  • two people standing at the finish line of a 5 K

    More recently, running off cookies, for one of our favorite charities ❤️