• World Traveler

    I’m new to the US and I am the biggest cookie monster there could ever be. I made it a mission this year to find the best cookie this wonderful country has to offer. Let me tell you Clarabell Cookies is #1 on the list by a long-shot. Everything is perfect, the texture has nice golden crispy edges and this amazing gooey inside. The taste is simply out of this world and you can tell the ingredients used are nothing but the highest quality possible. 

    To all other cookie monsters out there, these cookies beat Levain’s and Gideon’s with ease. I had a chance to meet and chat with the owner, she is sweet and welcoming, you can see the passion and excitement she has for her craft and store and it is admirable. I believe these cookies have the potential to be a nationwide hit. Do yourself a favour if you live in Sarasota and swing by and try them out for yourself, you wont regret it.

  • Jen

    I tried the Classic and Peanut Butter. They’re the best cookies I’ve EVER had. Blows the competition out of the water. My family is obsessed. Cannot wait to try them all! Will be back again and again! 🍪😋

  • Hannah

    These cookies are the absolute best! My favorite is of course the classic, and I’m excited to try to the cocoa caliente next time. Love that it’s a family run business!

  • Wendy

    These are some of the very best cookies I’ve ever had! Crunchy on the edges and gooey inside.  Sweet, salty deliciousness! Make the trip - you won’t be disappointed! So glad to have this place in Sarasota!

  • Rob

    The new oatmeal cookie is my favorite. The fresh baked smell of the story and the chewy cookie brought back memories from my childhood.